Data Services

We provide multiple data services to large and small organizations delivered in bulk, on-demand and across organizations for immediate access. Our services provide all levels of database searches needed to screen for predators depending on speed and location. In many cases when matching photos, we can broadly search buy physical characteristics such as height and age across multiple states by radius.
Bulk Data
Large data organizations like dating sites, children’s sites and others utilize our data to scrub their databases of potential predators. We supply this data in bulk usually by download on a periodic basis, usually monthly. Customers can utilize the data for internal use in any form they need. From the initial download, we can provide incremental updates or full database updates as needed.
API Data
For more immediate access to the latest data our customers subscribe to our API for data queries as needed. This is useful for interfacing our database to quickly deliver data for specific needs.
Login and Search Data
This data service allows our customers to search on as as-needed basis on desktop or mobile for screening for such uses and police stops, allowing vendors to enter school premises. This is useful for partial searches whereby limited information can yield photos for immediate comparison.
For more information on the services that we offer, please call us today.
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