Q: How is the sex offender data attained?

We access each state’s public registered sex offender information directly from their website. Due to specific differences in data we review over 2,000 new and modified files a day often checking data, looking for inconsistencies and reviewing updated photos. Many photos are cropped centering the offender or upsized.

Q: How often is this information on sex offenders updated?

We visit each state on a bi-weekly basis and sometimes more often. In many cases it takes several days to pull the data from a large state like California or Texas and an additional day to process the data that requires a manual review.

Q: What sort of information is collected?

There are 102 different pieces of information that we gather across all 50 states. However, to some extent most provide photos, name, alias, address, age, height, etc. You can see the number of sex offenders with the correct addresses and photo by state by selecting the Statistics button on this site.

Q: How does the radius search work?

When we access each offender’s information we often find that the state may only have a city or state address. If we have the correct full address, city or zip, we look up this latitude and longitude information. If only the city or zip is given, we determine the center of that city or state. Then when you search using the radial search, you will be searching for predators within a specific radius of your address.

Q: Why is the radial search feature useful?

The radial search starts from your address and looks for predators within the radius that you specify. The advantage of this search is that it is not dependent on city, zip or state and thus a radius of 100 miles could easily cross several state boundaries. If a predator took a job across state lines you would not be limited to a search in their state.

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